Text 23 Dec Increase Shot Power With In-Season Hockey Training

With any luck, you’re well into your season and probably been using a certain amount of in-season hockey training to assist you in becoming an even better player. For essentially the most part, ice-time is earned throughout the work you invest during the off-season. What most people will tell you is that the in-season is all about maintenance and that will making gains is hard.

So how do you think you’re supposed to utilize your in-season hockey training that may help you make improvements, so as to work towards additional ice-time, more opportunities to shine, and reaching your potential as an athlete?

The problem we have with people expressing that in-season hockey training is all about maintenance is the fact not all players play the same amount of games, same amount of time during games, and aren’t involved in as many practices as some other players.

In small, each player is her or his own specific situation. Some players are fast and some players are not really. Some players have unreal endurance and some can’t last at higher intensities. Some players have hard shots and some players have muffins.

No one player is the same and must work on different things to get better. So if you’re doing the same thing as everyone else, you’ll probably find yourself like everyone. In fact, doing the same program as the subsequent person isn’t even guaranteed to provide the same results as the next person. The great thing about being a human is that we’re all unique in our own way.

I wish to focus on in-season hockey training to enhance your shot power. 

To improve your shot power through an in-season hockey workout, you need to pay attention to more than simply just wrist curls or perhaps that handle with a bit of rope attached going without running shoes with a weight plate for the end. That’s merely one piece to the puzzle and also a very insignificant one inside the whole scheme associated with things.

The first element of shot power that comes into play is driving force in to the ice. In order for there becoming a huge transfer of force to occur through the human body, that force must start from somewhere. The feet, or perhaps the skates, is where it all begins. In order to enhance that force being driven in to the ice, exercises such as deadlift variations, individual leg exercises, and explosive actions like underhand medball tosses should be included in your in-season hockey workout. It’s all regarding driving force in to the ground and propelling that force throughout the body by employing hip drive to be certain the amount associated with force isn’t haulted before it actually reaches the stick to the shot.

The second element of shot power that comes into play is when that will force enters the truck and core subject of your body. The main job of the core would be to stabilize the core area and spine, so exercises such as planks, side planks, and bridges should be included. You’ll also recognize that a shot also involves a little twisting in the trunk area, but be careful how you look at this. There are many exercises out there that involve a twist with resistance, but the movement occurs inside lower back as opposed to the thoracic spine spot which is in the center of your shoulder blades. An exercise such as the Russian twist is a player favorite but if you create a closer view, the twisting movement occurs with the lower back, a recipe for damage if you’re not really careful.

For hockey players, rotation inside trunk should happen, like previously stated, in the area of the thoracic spine. Exercises just like the landmine core rotator and medball throwing variations are great to add in that rotation activity without worrying an excessive amount about a spine injury if your technique is poor.

The last subject of a shot occurs throughout the arms into the stick. Here, you’ll discover movements like glenohumeral joint flexion and extension, as well since elbow flexion and extension. This is in which compound exercises such as presses and rows are handy.

So be sure you take all those actions into account when you want to increase your shot power. Additionally, be sure to look at The Insane In-Season Hockey Training System that could lay out a plan so that you can improve your shot power throughout the season.

Text 23 Dec The Insane In-Season Hockey Training System

Among the most creative and beneficial hockey training programs has recently become available to the market, and to refer to it as insane is an understatement. For starters, the system was designed by myself and former NHL strength and conditioning specialist Chad Moreau. Moreau, brother of longtime NHL player Ethan Moreau, now runs his own web based hockey training business, hockeyot.com and was helpful in incorporating the structure into the system.

But with the large volume of hockey training follow-along, cookie-cutter systems out there now, why is The Insane In-Season Hockey Training System so special, you might question?

Well for starters, their is not a system around specifically made for in-season training. There’s a number of systems dedicated to a widespread population, and this is ok, but you’re not likely to obtain as much bang for your buck out of those programs. Why? These are not specific to every player’s objectives. What sets this program apart is the options. With the full package, you receive 3 programs as opposed to one.

Insane Speed

The 1st program is Insane In-Season Speed. Now go on and identify what player couldn’t utilize a little more speed. Speed is a game changer and is generally developed in the off-season in which a player could focus on creating enormous increases in strength and power without the extra demands of games and practices. With Insane In-Season Speed, the program is intentionally planned to work around games and practices while simultaneously working on workouts that will directly progress a player’s speed.

Insane Shot Power

The 2nd program is Insane In-Season Shot Power. Most of us know a player that every time they wind up, the rest of the team cringes just a bit due to the power behind the shot. We also all know that player that when they give the puck a little flick and toss a muffin on net, it causes a bit of a chuckle. The program is designed for that player that keeps throwing muffins on net without having scoring success. The opponent’s goaltender enjoys this player. However shot power is a thing which could really develop in-season as a result of the quantity of shooting repetitions one is likely to accumulate. I’ll acknowledge, technique is a big factor which comes into play right here. A player really needs to get their technique down in the beginning before their shot can really begin strengthening. A player can also utilize off-ice workouts to help them build up their shot power, so long as they’re able to strategically schedule around games and practices, as well as utilizing workouts that focus on each portion of what goes into improved shot power. You won’t be performing wrist curls and using unnecessary grip rolling gadgets with this program because shot power involves a lot more than a flick of the wrist.

Insane Endurance

The last program is Insane In-Season Endurance. Hockey is truly one of those sports in which the player that can perform at a high level through the entire game, all the way to the end of the 3rd period, has the best chance of producing the greatest impact. What you’ll find with players that don’t take their off-ice training seriously is that they gradually fade late in the third period. They don’t have any gas left in the tank. They think practices and bag skates will help them get in shape, but that’s old-school thinking. Hockey is such an anaerobic sport, in which players work all out for short bursts then get longer rests. That energy system doesn’t develop through poor training strategies like this. And that’s where this in-season endurance program comes into play. It’s created specifically to help out that player in dire need of enhancing their “hockey endurance” so they’re in a position to perform at a higher level all the way through the game and so they’re not overtraining and feeling gassed.


Some people are going to question if they have to select one of the programs to buy, however all 3 can be purchased collectively. It’s about providing players a choice to focus on a specific part of their game they want to improve during the season. The off-season has long been looked at as that time in time in which everybody makes massive gains and the in-season was only a time for maintenance. That’s silly thinking to me because there’s always a way to improve. The smarter players will see the opportunities to get better and do something. This program is for those players that want to take steps to get better now.

Check out The Insane In-Season Hockey Training System at http://www.squidoo.com/in-season-hockey-training-system

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